The Paperless Tourney - Team Rosters

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  • D5 had its beginnings as a Electronic "Paperless" Stat Score Book program back in 1992.
  • D5 Ran it's first "paperless" tourney in 2003 at Mckinley High School's Fieldhouse, 6 mats , 2 Divisions. Team Scores updated each Minute on a 3 color Electronic Marquee.
  • D5 Ran the popular Walsh Jesuit, Cuyahoga Falls, OHIO, IRONMAN H.S. Tourney in 2004, 8 mats totally paperless.
  • D5 ran the "War at the Shore" , Wildwood, N.J. in 2006. 18 mats.
  • D5 Helps run the "Super32" in Greensboro, N.C. 2007.
  • D5 runs the TOC in Columbus, Ohio 2011. 22 mats
  • For more infomation about the paperless tourney software or wanting to use the registration website please click the button below.
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DescriptionStart Date
Testing New Setup tourney Code6/30/2011
Test Setup to Edit II7/4/2011
testing defaults7/5/2011
another test7/6/2011
johns super 77/7/2011
Testing Set to Tournament from Setup form7/9/2011
Test Setup to Edit III7/10/2011
Test for Open Criteria8/7/2011
Super 32 Qualifier at Skyline HS9/3/2011
Testing Multiple Divisions9/7/2011
Testing Ver 1 edit changes9/28/2011
Moeller Test Madision10/27/2011
Glenoak Youth League Test10/28/2011
Hokie Collegiate Open Nov 6th Salem VA11/6/2011
Columbus Francis DeSales Tony Pools Inv Dec 3rd12/3/2011
Kings Island Warren County12/15/2011
YTH GlenOak Youth Varsity OYWA Weigh ins 7:30 AM1/27/2012
War At The SJ Shore Easter Fri and Sat. MAR 29th and 30th Weigh ins Thurs. MAR. 28th3/29/2012
Summer 2 Tourney7/5/2012
Summer Open tourney7/21/2012
Testing added field for state9/20/2012
Col DeSales Copy Roster Test10/21/2012
Testing win hosting10/30/2012
Pre-CAWL Capital Area Wrestling League Dec. 2nd 201212/2/2012
VAWA 2013 at the Arthur Ashe Center Richmond VA.2/23/2013
Melee Til Midnight High School OUTDOOR Tourney Vienna VA.6/23/2013
Melee Til Midnight Youth Madison style OUTDOOR Tourney Vienna VA.6/23/2013
Run your own PAPERLESS Tourneys SignUp (4 mats or Less)TRAINING8/23/2013
VAWA 2014 at the Arthur Ashe Center Richmond VA.3/1/2014
COL Washington and Jefferson 2014 Invitational11/8/2014
Aurora Pools "Paul McGhee Invitational" Dec 5-612/5/2014
Hickory Invitational 2014 at Hermitage PA Dec 5-612/5/2014
Olentangy Pools Invitational Dec 612/6/2014
The WRENCH - Brentsville HS Nokesville VA Dec 12-1312/12/2014
MS CCI Jr. High Invitational Pools12/13/2014
SouthWestern Ohio Coaches Classic Dec 20-2112/20/2014
Kenston Invitational Dec. 27-2812/27/2014
Canton City Invitational Pools Timken HS Dec. 27th12/27/2014
Unitah TOC Vernal Utah Weigh Ins 12:00 pm1/9/2015
MS West Geauga M.S. 2015 Pool Invitational1/10/2015
TopGun Invitational Alliance HS Weigh Ins Fri. 7:30 AM1/16/2015
YTH GlenOak Youth Varsity OYWA Weigh ins 7:30 AM2/1/2015
Hokie Open (VT) College Tourney11/8/2015
COL Washington and Jefferson 2015 Invitational11/14/2015
OAC Fall Classic 2015 at Olentangy HS11/22/2015
Moeller Kids League Morning 2015 Tourney12/7/2015
Moeller Kids League Afternoon 2015 Tourney12/7/2015
Aurora "Paul McGhee Invitational" 2015 Dec 5th12/7/2015
Hickory Invitational 2015 at Hermitage PA Dec 4-512/7/2015
Olentangy Pools Invitational 2015 Dec 5th12/7/2015
SouthWestern Ohio Coaches Classic 2015 Dec 19-2012/19/2015
Kenston Invitational 2015 Dec. 27-2812/27/2015
OAC GS District at Worthington 20161/3/2016
TopGun 2016 Invitational Alliance HS Weigh Ins Fri. 7:30 AM1/15/2016
OAC GS District at GlenOak HS 20161/16/2016
OAC GS District at Mason HS 20161/24/2016
OYWA All Stars Tourney 2016 at GlenOak HS1/24/2016
Battle at the Branch 2016 West Branch HS JV1/30/2016
YTH GlenOak Youth Varsity OYWA Weigh ins 7:30 AM1/31/2016
OAC GS District at Troy Christian 20162/6/2016
OYWA District at Garfield Heights 20162/7/2016
OYWA District at GlenOak HS 20162/7/2016
MS West Geauga M.S. 2016 BigTen Pool Invitational2/13/2016
OAC JH District at Moeller HS 20162/14/2016
OAC JH District at Steubenville HS 20162/14/2016
OAC JH District at Olentangy HS 20162/14/2016
Massillon Perry OHSAA D1 Sectional 21062/20/2016
SVSM OHSAA D2 Sectional 20162/20/2016
OAC District GS at Steubenville HS 20162/21/2016
Alliance D2 OHSAA District 20162/26/2016
OAC District GS at BereaMidpark HS 20162/28/2016
COL Washington and Jefferson 2016 Invitational11/12/2016
Aurora "Paul McGhee Invitational" 2016 Dec 3rd12/3/2016
Olentangy Pools Invitational 2016 Dec 3rd12/3/2016
Hickory Invitational 2016 at Hermitage PA Dec 9-1012/10/2016
SouthWestern Ohio Coaches Classic 2016 Dec 17-1812/17/2016
Kenston Invitational 2016 Dec. 29-3012/29/2016
TopGun 2017 Invitational Alliance HS Weigh Ins Fri. 7:30 AM1/13/2017
MS West Geauga M.S. 2017 BigTen Pool Invitational1/21/2017
MS Brian Davidson Memorial JH Invitational 2017 SalemHS1/21/2017
Battle at the Branch 2017 West Branch HS JV1/28/2017
East Ohio Conference Wrestling Tourney 20172/3/2017
YTH GlenOak Youth Varsity OYWA Weigh ins 7:30 AM2/5/2017
COL Washington and Jefferson 2017 Invitational11/11/2017
COL Mount Union Preseason Invitational 201711/11/2017
Olentangy Pools Invitational 201712/2/2017
Hickory Invitational 2017 at Hermitage PA12/8/2017
SouthWestern Ohio Coaches Classic 201712/16/2017
Kenston Invitational 201712/29/2017
Jackson Milton Invitational1/6/2018
MS Columbiana JR. High Invitational 20171/6/2018
TopGun Invitational 2018 Alliance HS1/12/2018
COL Mount Union Invitational 20181/14/2018
MS WSAZ Huntington WV 20181/19/2018
WSAZ High School Huntington WV 20181/19/2018
MS Brian Davidson Memorial JH Invitational SalemHS1/20/2018
MS West Geauga M.S. BigTen Pool Invitational1/20/2018
Battle at the Branch, West Branch HS JV1/27/2018
East Ohio Conference Wrestling League 20182/2/2018
YTH GlenOak Youth Varsity OYWA Weigh ins 7:30 AM2/4/2018
MS East Ohio Conference Wrestling for Jr. High 20182/9/2018
MS NBC 2018 at Salem HS2/17/2018
COL Washington and Jefferson 2018 Invitational11/10/2018
COL Mount Union Preseason Invitational 201811/10/2018
Olentangy Pools Invitational 201812/1/2018
Hickory Invitational 2018 at Hermitage PA12/7/2018
SouthWestern Ohio Coaches Classic 201812/15/2018
MS South Range M.S.Invitational12/15/2018
United Local HS Invitational 201812/22/2018
Kenston Invitational 201812/28/2018
MS West Geauga M.S. BigTen Pool Invitational 20191/3/2019
Jackson Milton Invitational 20191/5/2019
Liberty Pools at Liberty HS 20191/5/2019
East Ohio Conference Wrestling League 20191/11/2019
TopGun Invitational 2019 Alliance HS1/18/2019
WSAZ High School Huntington WV 20191/18/2019
MS WSAZ Huntington WV 20191/18/2019
MS Brian Davidson Memorial JH Invitational SalemHS1/19/2019
MS CVC 2019 at West Geauga HS1/25/2019
CVC HS 2019 at West Geauga HS1/26/2019
MS NBC 20192/8/2019